Does My Foundation Need to be Repaired?

Issues with your home’s foundation welcome a number of unpleasant side effects, such as cracks in walls, movement of structures, sticking of doors and windows, moisture problems and more. When left untreated, these issues will only become more prominent and could even pose harm to your health.

At Summit Basement Company, we provide professional foundation repair services that give homeowners peace of mind. We offer a free foundation inspection to diagnose your problem and propose the right solutions.

If you are curious if you could benefit from a free foundation inspection, take this free online assessment for better insight and understanding. Of course, answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to these questions alone cannot accurately diagnose a foundation problem, but can get you on the right track toward finding a solution.

Answer the following questions to complete the assessment…

Please select a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response for each question. If you do not answer every question, we will not be able to calculate your results.


Are there cracks on the basement walls of your home?
Are there doors or windows in your home that stick or do not latch properly?
Is there evidence of movement on wood trim or built-ins?
Are there cracks, sinking, or heaving in your basement floor?
Have you noticed any nails popping or cracking in drywall or plaster?
Are your floors or ceilings warped?
Do your ceilings appear to be sinking/bowing?
Does your basement smell musty?
Are there signs of water or moisture in your basement?


Are there cracks in exterior brick or concrete stairs?
Does the grade of the soil around your home slope toward your foundation?
Can you see any separation or gapping of exterior trim around windows and doors?
Is there cracking or settling in any concrete surfaces that surround your home?
Is your chimney cracked or leaning?
Have you noticed that your home appears to be sinking or settling on one side?

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