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Structural Repair

Designed to fix bowing basement walls

Bowing in basement walls is usually the result of hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home. Clay soil, typically found around a home’s foundation, can be very absorbent. Whenever it rains, that clay soil quickly absorbs the moisture and swells up. When that soil swells, it puts tremendous pressure on your basement walls. This pressure is known as hydrostatic pressure, and 9/10 is the cause of your bowing basement walls.

For Summit Basement Company, bowed wall repair is easy for our trained and knowledgeable professionals. If your home has a bowing or leaning basement wall, contact us as soon as possible to stop the damage from getting any worse.

How do you know you need structural repair?

Look for the warning signs

Bowing Basement Walls | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH

Bowing or leaning basement walls

Cracks In Basement Walls | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH

Noticeable cracks in drywall and foundation walls

Crack In Door Frame | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH

Doors and windows becoming harder to close

Sagging Floor | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH

Sagging floors and ceilings

Summit Solutions

For your bowing basement walls

Summit Basement Company has repair systems and services designed to provide lasting solutions to keep your walls standing when it comes to bowed walls. Below are the services we can provide to secure your basement. You can also contact us and schedule a FREE estimate with one of our basement repair pros.

Stabilizers | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH


Stabilizer is a pre-engineered, effective, permanent solution that restores structural integrity to a foundation wall using steel I-beams every 5 to 6 feet. Bowed, sheared and tipped walls can be quickly repaired and restored with just one product.

Wall Anchor Tie Backs | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH

Wall Anchor Tie-Backs

Wall Anchor Tie-Backs are large, screw-like implements installed through your foundation wall, adjacent to the soil. They secure your wall by providing opposite pressure that cancels out the hydrostatic pressure in the soil.

Carbon Fiber Structural Repair | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH

Carbon Fiber Stabilization

Similar to steel beam supports – except the beams are replaced by carbon fiber straps (a material created by the US Military) that are stronger than steel and weigh a fraction of a steel beam.

Crack Injection Structural Repair | Summit Basement Company | Akron OH

Crack Injection

In some cases, the basement wall may only show superficial cracking and not warrant more extensive corrections. For these cases, resin crack injection will seal up cracks to prevent water intrusion and provide integrity.

Why Choose Us

As your structural repair partner

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We Protect Your Home

H.E.P.A. filtration, negative air machines, and dust barriers are just a few methods we use to isolate the mess to the project area.

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Attention to Detail

Our process is meticulous. We do things that others won’t. These details can make or break your structural repair system.

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Trained & Certified

An educated and productive team means your project is completed right the first time and on schedule.

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